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Terms and Conditions

1. Applicability
The stated Terms and Conditions apply for the relationship between POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting and our clients. With agreed contract those terms and conditions are accepted by all parties involved. This applies for all services in terms of coaching and consulting and for the full length of the current and future business relationships.

2. Contract
Project plan, scope of services, costs and conditions are to be defined before the start of an intervention or project and included in a written contract.

3. Service completion
POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting is committed to service delivery within the agreed time-frame. In cases of  missing client contributions, final completion will be delayed for the time it takes to obtain and integrate the missing contributions. In case of illness or in case of force majeure, only delivered services will be included in charges. Further demands and compensations are not possible.

4. Liability
Timely completion of contracted projects depends on the active involvement of the client to the previously agreed extent and at granted times. POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting ensures delivery of contracted services to the best of our knowledge and beliefs. The client takes full responsibility for the outcome of the project and the implementation of acquired results. Liability is excluded except in cases of intentional or gross negligence.

5. Data protection
According to German law data relevant to the business relationship is collected and stored. The customer agrees to the secure storage of data whereas POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting ensures full confidentiality with regards to all personal and organisational data provided. No data is to be made available to third parties.


6. Changes and supplements  
In order to be valid, changes and supplements to agreed contracts need a written form. In case particular regulations of the terms and conditions are legally void, the remaining terms of the coaching agreement remain binding.

7. Place of jurisdication
Place of jurisdication is Cologne; German law is applicable.

POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting, May 2011