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Success is the movement of potential into the right direction.
(Andreas Tenzer)
Monika Fäßle

Welcome to POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting

Selection: Identify the best candidates

You are looking at your personnel selection and recruitment procedures and could use some competent support here? You would like to attract international candidates for your organisation? Cost and productivity pressure require the best candidates for your open positions beyond all positive gut feeling (According to Schmidt & Hunter, selection on the basis of pure gut feeling statistically is as effective and valid as throwing dice).

Development: Work and live your full potential

Uncovering potential and talent management is an important area in your company? You focus on the targeted development of productive employees whom you want to retain in your organisation, especially in times of demographic change and increasing competition for talents? New challenges are to be met and you are looking for possibilities to positively get your employees on board?

Leadership: Inspire people to give their best

According to a representative survey in Germany, 17 % of all  employees did not report any emotional engagement with the own company in 2013 (inner resignation) and as many as 67% refused to engage more than strictly required, keeping personal effort to a minimum. Above all, these figures were attributed  to poor leadership behaviour. Every second employee out of this group would decide to immediately dismiss their direct superior if possible (Gallup Engagement Index Germany 2013). Considerable loss of productivity (according to Gallup an estimated 122-126 billion EUR per year), fluctuation and disruptive behaviour at work are direct results. Do you see any room for improvement in your company? Successful leadership behaviour can be learned.

POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting offers professional support in the areas of personnel selection, development and leadership in organisations. We strive to recognize, develop and help you make best use of individual and organisational potential and work hard to add real value with intercultural competence in a global market. In order to succeed POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting offers corporate and executive coaching as well as consulting services with tailor-made concepts firmly based on the principles of organisational and occupational psychology.


Interested? Then please get in touch at info@potential-coaching-consulting or via Tel: 0176 61682489 for more information.