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Our desires are the forerunners of our abilities.
(J. W. v. Goethe)
I think Monika’s Coaching had a great impact on me. I recognised my core values and did achieve my goals aligned with my values in an effective and sustainable way.
(M. Azadpur)


The essence of the philosophy at POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting can be summarised as follows:

P – Proficiency: It is essential to get to the bottom of things. Core values and beliefs and connected needs are the basis for motivated and sustainable behaviour.

O – Optimism: There is always a way to improve a situation. Coaching at POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting supports people in overcoming inner and outer obstacles and in creating their future with self-confidence.

T – Talent: Every person has rich resources and strengths that need to be uncovered and developed. As a coach I believe in the abilities of my clients to find best ways and solutions and I will support this process efficiently.

E – Energy: Coaching helps focussing available energy in order to achieve desired goals. Goal achievement in turn enhances self-confidence and self- efficacy which again liberates energy. This energy is again free for the improvement of areas that deserve change.

N – Nurture: Growth needs care and nurture. Coaching provides space for personal growth and at the same time ensures a safe environment to explore and test newly developed thoughts and behaviours without fear of judgement.

T- Transparency: Coach and Coachee communicate in an open and transparent manner within the rules of strict confidentiality. A realistic view on the current situation, balanced evaluation of available options and clear and constructive feedback enable an unobstructed view on current and future challenges.

I – Individuality: Each individual client and each organisation deserve my full attention. All concepts and solutions are strictly tailor-made and individual.

A – Achievement: Successful people and organisations set goals. Coaching

encourages ambitious goal setting, facilitates the development of problem solving strategies and therefore contributes to success in a sustainable way.

L – Learning: Life-long learning is the key to success in modern times. Coaching facilitates this learning and development on the basis of differentiated self reflexion and continuous work on areas that deserve attention.