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Only if you respect people the way they are you can help them to become even better.
(John W. Gardner)

Our ethical guidelines

According to the psychological Code of Ethics (BPS, BDP) and according to the ethical guidelines of the Coaching Academy and the ICF, POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting is committed to the following professional standards:


Our work is marked by mutual trust, openness, appreciation, responsibility and respect. Only then is beneficial co-operation possible that elicits learning and personal development.


The dignity and worth of all people are respected and maintained regardless of gender, religion or ethnicity.


We respect the privacy of our clients. Information during the coaching process remains strictly confidential if not agreed otherwise and if not in conflict with any legal requirements.


We will provide clear agreements with our clients and respect all arrangements in the context of the coaching relationship.

We carefully work within the boundaries of our professional expertise. Limits to our own abilities and competencies are recognized. In the case of subject areas that are beyond our professional capabilities (e.g. addiction and mental illnesses) we will recommend experts in those fields in order to provide best possible support.


We strive for the recognition of personal issues that might interfere with our coaching and consulting services or that might conflict with our professional relationships.

We are committed to personal development and learning which ensures competent work according to contemporary academic standards and the continuous increase and improvement of our own competencies and skills. On-going learning is indispensable to enhance and maintain professional expertise.


Our work and our demeanour shall contribute to the reputation of the profession of psychologists and coaches in public. We therefore take responsibility for our clients, colleagues and the professional bodies of both psychologists and coaches on the foundation of integrity, honesty, clarity and fairness.