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Monika is very insightful and intuitive and with the use of clever questioning techniques, uncovers angles which would otherwise never have become apparent to me and which would have remained unaddressed. Monika's personal coaching style IS encouraging, supportive, challenging and optimistic and this is all done in an upbeat, warm and passionate way.
(Janine Watts)


We support people who take on responsibility, motivate and inspire others and who want to move forward by making full use of their potential. Potential Coaching & Consulting specialises in coaching for leadership skills and stress management.


Coaching at POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting means a solution and goal-focused process that creates learning opportunities, facilitates creativity and improves personal performance on the basis of responsibility and full commitment to chosen decisions, goals and actions.


Your coach supports you effectively on the path to your successful work and life through active listening, goal-focused questioning and tools that support your self- reflection and learning. Existing strengths are used for goal pursuit, rigid and limiting thinking are challenged and together new options and ways forward are established.


In sum, POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting strives to support people and organisations in discovering, recognising, developing and making best use of their full potential.


The aim is to activate all possible resources, minimize interferences, strengthen productivity, motivation and satisfaction of employees on all hierarchical levels in order to achieve individual and organisational goals. The evaluation of chosen interventions is an integrative part of projects by POTENTIAL Coaching & Consulting.